Esh Loh

Composer, pianist & Drummer

Esh has been involved in music since his early childhood. Due to his diverse experiences in genres, which range from pop / rock to jazz and avant-garde to the new classical, he draws from a rich pool of musical influences. He studied drums and piano at the renowned "Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy" University of Music and Theater in Leipzig.


A cancer in 2008 triggered a transformation process at Esh and he began to compose music in the area of ​​new classical music. So far, he has released five solo piano albums with hypnotic and meditative music:

Piano (2009)

Yoga piano (2010)

Numinosa (2013)

Yoga Piano Vol II (2015)

Becoming (2018)

In his current solo piano album "Becoming" he has processed his moving story from a drummer to a solo pianist and composer.

Esh Loh is permeated with the longing for touching music that can be felt in each of his compositions. When Esh starts to play, it becomes gentle and intense at the same time.

The union of his hands with the keys of the piano often transforms hidden inner landscapes into beautiful melodies and powerful, densely woven sound carpets. Each of these melodies is filled with emotional depth, passion and absolute dedication to the moment. It gives the listeners space to pursue their very own inner images and to experience the inexhaustible expression of the music.

For Esh, music is more than just putting together beautiful sounds. For him, music is the strongest expression of an all-pervading force and whoever saw him live could experience how a concert became an emotional and unforgettable event.





»The music of Esh arrives in my heart. When I listen, I get goose bumps and when I watch him play, I feel very well that he not only plays his music, but also embodies the music. « (Eileen Goldt)